What We Do -- Services and Programs

TVAC's activities include the following:
* Information/Coordination/Consultation can be provided in English, while the other programs and services may be accessible only in Japanese

1) Information/Coordination/Consultation;

TVAC has a Web site as well as a bimonthly information magazine "Network", providing various information regarding social issues, volunteering and NPO activities.
The web site is designed multilingual while other media, including magazines and other printed materials, are provided only in Japanese.
At the office, staff members of TVAC may respond to various inquiries, seeking for information, coordination, guidance, consultation etc. through telephone, e-mail, and fax or you can come directly to the office. However, English speaking staff's availability as well as the types of inquiry he/she can respond to in English may be limited. It is advisable to make an inquiry through e-mailing to center@tvac.or.jp before coming to the office.

2) Trainings/Seminars;

TVAC plans and conducts various types of training programs as well as seminars on social issues, volunteering and NPO activities, such as seminars on "Volunteer Management", as well as "How to Incorporate and Manage an NPO", etc. not only for citizens, voluntary organizations, social welfare service facilities/institutions but also for business corporations and schools..

3) Research and Development

TVAC undertakes varied and wide ranged researches and study to promote civil society, volunteering and NPO activities. The themes may include trends on volunteering and NPO activities in Tokyo, as well as on recent social issues.

4) Networking;

To respond to various social issues and needs and to seek for solutions, TVAC works in collaboration with various volunteer groups and NPOs, as well as intermediary organizations in Tokyo, in other parts of Japan and the world.

5) Promoting participation;

TVAC plans and organizes various events and programs to promote citizens' understanding on a social issues, volunteering and NPO activities and to encourage them for active participation.

6) Funding;

TVAC has funding programs for volunteering and NPO activities.

7) Meeting Rooms/Equipment;

TVAC rents out meeting facilities, printing machines, mail boxes, etc. to volunteer groups and NPOs without fees and/or with a nominal fee.

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